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The Cass Scenic Mountain Railroad

Cass is one of the very best, but it does have one major drawback, that being its location. It is located deep, deep in the wilds of West Virginia, and getting there really requires some effort from most areas. But I have to say, it's well worth the trip. The Cass Railroad uses two steam locomotives to push its passenger cars up, up, and up a mountain, with a spectacular view at the top. There are both closed and open air cars, and the ride is wonderful. There are also some resorted buildings near the station, as well as a country store, and there is nice, inexpensive lodging nearby.

The whistle you hear on this and the opening page is actually the whistle from Cass.

You can contact the Cass Scenic Mountain Railroad by calling 1-800-CALLWVA. Below are two web sites for Cass. The first one is their official site, and the second is a private site with a great picture of the trains.

Here are a couple of my own photos from the Cass Railroad.

Cass engine number 4, and its tender, steamed up and ready for the push up the mountain.

A shot of engine number two, taken from the open-air car on the train, chugging up the mountain.

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