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The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad

The WMSR is a wonderful railroad to ride. The train is powered by a restored early twentieth century steam locomotive known as "Mountain Thunder". The train departs from the historic train station in Cumberland, Maryland, and travels up the mountain to Frostburg, ascending 1300 feet in the process. Even the drive to this location is worth the trip, traveling along I-68 through western Maryland, or, for the more daring, getting off the highway and touring on the old "National Pike" through the area. Whatever way you choose to get there, it's well worth the trip.

Since the engine is a real steamer, watching it huff and puff is quite a treat. But there's lots more to see. The train will take you around tight curves, through tunnels, and past some really great scenery. Some of the cars on the train are real gems, as well. You'll especially want to check out the beautiful club car while you are riding. The trips that are run in the fall are the most popular, due to the great colors in western Maryland, but any time is a good time to ride.

When the train arrives in Frostburg, you will have time to get off, and have a bite to eat in the restaurant at the station, or at one of the nearby places in town if you wish. But don't miss the show at the station itself. There is an authentic turntable there, and after arriving, the engine and tender will be uncoupled from the rest of the train, so that it can be turned around on the turntable for the trip back down the mountain.

Reservations are pretty much a necessity on this one, particularly in the fall. You can find out more by calling 1-800-TRAIN50, or by visiting the following web site:

Below are some photos I took of the WMSRR.

This is "Mountain Thunder", the locomotive for the WMSRR.

Getting ready to pull out of Cumberland.

The engine and tender approaching the turn table in Frostburg.

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