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The Potomac Eagle Scenic Railroad

This railroad starts in Romney, West Virginia, and offers regular three-hour tours, as well as occasional all-day tours. The train travels from the station in Romney, northward, following the South Branch of the Potomac River. Along the way, you will pass through some very scenic country, not only viewing the nearly-wild river the whole way (and back), but seeing beautiful, lush, green hills and even wildlife along the way. It is not unusual to see bald eagles nesting or flying in the area. There is even an open-air gondola car, on which you can walk out onto at a certain point during the ride, and view the scenery with nothing above or beside you but air and sky. It's very nice.

This train is powered by a diesel engine, pulling several passenger cars, a snack car, and the gondola car. You can also purchase souvenirs on the train while riding.

You can read more about this railroad, including details such as directions, times and dates, prices, and so forth, by visiting their web site at:

Below are some photos I took on this terrific excursion.

This photo of the train traveling along the river was actually taken from another car on the train itself. This is typical of the scenery you will see.

It was foggy when we started in the morning, allowing me to capture this scene as we crossed over the river just a few minutes into the trip.

This is a picture of the gondola car, some time before we were
allowed out onto it.

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