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Photo Gallery Number Eight

Sunrise over Shinamu Alter

It's Sunrise on October 6, 1999, over Shinamu Alter in the House Rock Valley of the Grand Canyon National Park. Our group of six hikers is about to set off on a backpacking adventure into South Canyon, one of the many side canyons of the Grand Canyon. Our hike is conducted by the Grand Canyon Field Institute, and led by Dave Wegner. It's to be a long and exhausting day, but one we'll always remember.

Group shot before the hike

Our group is all smiles as we get set to begin the long climb down. From left to right; Bernie, Nancy, Dave, Charlene and Gary.

Climbing down

The rock wall is sheer and steep, and it's very difficult to make our way down into the canyon.

Many places along the way require us to crawl rather than walk, and often we had to remove our packs to continue our long trek to the Colorado River.

Slow going over the rocks

Canyon view

This is a shot of Dave, our leader, as he makes his way down a cliffside with the incredible view of South Canyon off of his shoulder.

First sighting of Vasey's Paradise

Late in the afternoon, we finally had our first glimpse of Vasey's Paradise. Vasey's is a natural spring that flows from the rock wall of the canyon, from sources far above on the North Rim. It is often visited by rafters along the Colorado River, both for its beauty, and for its clear, clean water.

This was the view of our campsite for the next two nights, as seen from the cliffs above. The natural sand beach is often used by rafters and hikers alike.

Campsite along the river

Upstream view

Looking upstream from our camping area along the river.

This petroglyph was found on a rock at some ancient Indian ruins near the campsite upstream from Vasey's Paradise. If you look closely, you can see a four-legged animal, possibly a mountain goat or perhaps a mule.


I have created a written account of our four-day Grand Canyon expedition. If you would like to read this account, simply click here. This will take you to a detailed manuscript, describing each day of our adventure. It's a bit long, but I think worth the time if you have an interest in the Grand Canyon or in backpacking. Enjoy!

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