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Photo Gallery Number Seven


Acadia National Park covers most of Mt. Desert Island. At the southern end of the western half of the island, you can find the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, which is pictured in Photo Gallery Number Four. Standing below the light, just above where the rocky shore meets the pounding waves, there are flowers blooming in this unlikely spot. No matter where you go or where you look on Mt. Desert Island, beauty abounds.

Acadia Mountain Trail Sign View from Acadia Mountain

Keeping to the western side of the island, there is a hiking trail up what is known as Acadia Mountain. This trail, like the one on Cadillac Mountain, takes you up to some incredible, breathtaking views. The scene above is of Somes Sound, the large inlet formed by glacial activity, that divides the island into its western and eastern halves. Many of the first explorers of this region came up this inlet before landing. Even today, its waters still afford many a safe harbor for pleasure boaters and fishermen alike.

Foggy Coast
Scenes such as this are common in Acadia National Park. The rocky coastline, here shrouded in mist is both beautiful and rugged. There is only one sand beach on the whole of Mt. Desert Island that meets the ocean, and it is fairly small. The rest of the coastline resembles this rocky scene.

Somesville Bridge The small town of Somesville, while not part of the national park, is still a lovely place to visit. Its quaint shops and tall-steepled churches make it right at home in New England. This bridge, located just off the main road through town, takes you to a small museum that studies the history of Mt. Desert.

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