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Photo Gallery Number Six

Acadia Sunrise

Acadia National Park is located primarily on Mt. Desert Island along the coast of Maine. It is one of the most beautiful of all the national parks, though by comparison with many of the other major parks, it is one of the least visited. The park's centerpoint is Cadillac Mountain, which, at approximately 1500 feet, is the highest point along the eastern seaboard of the United States. The photo above was taken from the summit of Cadillac Mountain at sunrise in early August of 1998.

Cadillac Trail Sign Eagle's Crag

The Cadillac Mountain Hiking Trail begins near the ocean in Blackwoods Campground on the southern portion of Mt. Desert Island, and continues up to the summit. Along the way, it passes through this lovely spot known as Eagle's Crag. From here you can see a breathtaking view of the ocean and of the area that your hike began from. However, you're still only about one-third of the way to the top!

Bubbles If you drive the park loop road, eventually you will arrive at Jordan Pond. On the shore of the large pond, you can find the Jordan Pond House, a lovely place to dine or to just have afternoon tea in the old British style. While enjoying tea, you will take in this magnificent view of the Bubbles, the two large hills overlooking Jordan Pond. After you've finished your meal, you will want to take a walk around the pond, where you might see a sight such as that in the picture below.

Ducks in Jordan's Pond

Jordan's Pond

A totally different perspective of Jordan's Pond appears if you take the walk up to the top of one or both of the bubbles. The easy climb up is well worth this view.

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