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Photo Gallery Number Four

Portland Head Lighthouse
The Portland Head Lighthouse, on the Atlantic Coast near Portland, Maine. This is Maine's oldest light, built in 1791 under the direction of George Washington. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote some of his poetry while visiting this site.

Bass Harbor Head Light

Further up the Maine coast, you can see the Bass Harbor Head Light, located on Mt. Desert Island near Acadia National Park. This light was built in 1858.

Peggy's Cove Light From Bar Harbor, you can take the ferry over to Nova Scotia. Not too far up the coast of this beautiful province, you will find Peggy's Cove, and the Peggy's Cove light. The light is only 37 feet tall, and was built on this mound of granite in 1914. In the base of the light, there is a small post office, where you can send mail with the postmark of the Peggy's Cove light. Just off the coast from this beautiful light is where the Swiss Air disaster took place in the summer of 1998.

Thomas Point Shoal Light
Back down south, in Maryland, you can see this gem of a lighthouse near Annapolis on the Chesapeake Bay. This is the Thomas Point Shoal Light, and was built 1875. It is one of only three remaining "Screwpile" lighthouses left in the region. This photo was taken from a great distance and blown up, so unfortunately the quality isn't as good as I'd like.

Sandy Hook Light On the New Jersey coast, you can see the Sandy Hook Light, located on the Sandy Hook Seashore near Gunnison Beach. This is the oldest functioning light in the United States, and is located on a former U.S. military base, which guarded the New York harbour during World War II.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

On the Pacific Coast, south of San Francisco, you can find the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. The light is located along a long, sandy stretch of beach with striking rock outcroppings along the way. Next to the light is a Youth Hostel, which you can stay at for a pleasing night of rest with the sound of the ocean lulling you to sleep.

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