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Photo Gallery Number One

View from Clear Creek Trail

This is a view of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, taken from the Clear Creek Trail, several hundred feet above the canyon floor. The Clear Creek Trail is nine miles long, and extends from the canyon floor near Phantom Ranch to end at the tallest waterfall in the canyon.

Grand Canyon Bridges
This is the view from the bottom of the Bright Angel Trail just as it leaves the river for the long trek up to the canyon rim. If you look carefully, you can see the two bridges in the distance, the 'gray' and the 'black', that cross the Colorado River.

Canyon Hiker

This photo of myself was taken on our first day out, on the way down the South Kaibab Trail from the South Rim. As you can see, I wasn't looking too terribly worn-out yet....we were going downhill, after all! This photograph was taken by my hiking partner and good friend, Lou Kouvaris.

Black Bridge This is a closer view of one of the famous bridges that span the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, the 'Black Bridge'. This bridge was built in the 1920's, but still carries a heavy load of human and mule traffic every day. The bridge carries the South Kaibab Trail over the river, after its descent from the South Rim, some 5000+ feet above. Less than a mile from the north end of the bridge lies Phantom Ranch, and Bright Angel Campground, which we called home for two wonderful nights.

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Grand Canyon.
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Canyon Panorama

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