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Part III: Where we left the engine!

You may have been wondering where the train was when all of this devastation took place. Well, some smart thinking and good weather forecasting helped save our little train that day. Owing to the ominous storm reports, we decided to leave the train's cars back in the woods (across the bridge from the main station) on relatively high ground to keep them safe. However, we couldn't leave the engine back there, as it needed to be near enough to water and coal to get it fired-up again when all this was over. So, the next-best thing to do was to leave it at the top of the hill leading out from the main station. This photo to the left shows that hill, looking back on it from the top. Yes, that track used to be straight!
Here is our "Little Toot", left high and dry, but rather precariously perched atop this hill. As you can see, the small bridge on the right was almost completely undermined by the turbulent waters from the storm.
We just barely saved her, but save her we did!

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