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When a loved one is taken from this world, it is always a sad time for those of us who are left behind. For those who cross the bridge from this life to the next at an early age, the sorrow is compounded and the reasons are so much harder to understand. However, even when our loved ones have lived a long, full life, the loss can be very difficult to bear.
This page is dedicated to the memory of some of those in my life who have crossed that bridge.
They will never be forgotton.

Albino Ferrari
My beloved father

John C. Rector
Janice's husband; a fine man and good father

Thomas Digennaro
A friend and a teacher

Bill Wildfeuer
My best friend, and a great thinker

David Cacciamani
My Cousin, a good husband and father

Isn't life strange
A word we arrange
With no thought or care
Maker of despair
Each breath that we breathe
With love we must weave
To make us as one

You know it makes me want to cry, cry, cry-
Wished I could be in your heart
To be one with your love
Wished I could be in your eyes
Looking back there you were, and here we are.

--John Lodge